Balancing Work and Fitness: How to incorporate Fitness into your Work Schedule

Balancing Work and Fitness: How to incorporate Fitness into your Work Schedule

With a tight work schedule, you can only work out so much. Which begs the question, what can you do to incorporate fitness into your daily work schedule successfully? Working out not only helps to burn those calories but also improves cognitive skills, creativity reduces stress and promotes the overall health of the brain.

Setting out can be intimidating. For instance, you might wonder if the extra energy and time will affect your productivity at work. From work meetings, doctor’s appointments, school pickups your diary couldn’t be more packed. If you are not sure where to scrounge those extra minutes for working out, here are some sneaky tips you can use.

Getting to work using your commute

Using your commute is especially helpful if you live a few miles from your workplace. Whether you opt for a bike or walking to work a few times a week, the long term result is impressive. Adopting this routine not only helps you burn extra calories, but it’s also time efficient. Moreover, the long term results of cycling to include:

  • Protecting you from serious illnesses, depression, arthritis, and obesity.
  • Since it is a low impact form of exercise, you don’t have to worry about muscle injury and fatigue.
  • It’s relatively more straightforward to fit into your daily routine since it doesn’t require a lot of accessories.

Stay ahead of your work schedule

This routine sounds a tad like intimidating for anyone who’s not an early riser, but it’s still possible to adopt a morning routine. We won’t bombard you with ways to make your commitments stick but having a friend to hold you accountable helps. You should aim for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity. Therefore each morning session can make up for 10 minutes of your workout regimen.

Making the most out of your breaks

Since you want to capitalize on those extra minutes, lunch and coffee breaks can help you sneak in a walk or even hit the gym if you have the time. Generally, for a 180 pound walking a mole burns 100 calories while 65 calories are used up for a 120-pound person. Simple exercises such as stationary bikes or stretching can add that boost your moods nd burn those calories.

Embrace moving meetings

It’s highly likely that you are not the only person at work that doesn’t have the time to work out, Therefore, whenever the opportunity for a meeting that does not require PowerPoint or other office accessories comes up, you can suggest a walking meeting as opposed to just sitting in a conference room


If all the above options seem null, try multitasking. Multitasking can comprise of little actions such as pumping iron while working on a report or keeping dumbbells at your desk. When you need something from a coworker, take the longest route. Take the stairs, use a headset when taking calls so you can pace during the call, do a few stretches while waiting for the printer to finish up, all these sound like little, but they add up to a full work out at the end of the day.

Some people will successfully make a 10-mile run. Others will make use the extra lunch break minutes. Ultimately, small actions throughout the day are guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goal.

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