Claims or Benefit Questions

Q. How do I file a Life or Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) claim?

A. Claim forms may be obtained by downloading our Life and AD&D Claim Form or by contacting us. Your employer and beneficiary or legal representative must complete and sign this form. All forms should be sent to the address listed on our form.

Q. How do I obtain a Short-term Disability (STD) claim form?

A. Either you or your employer may contact us or download our STD Claim Form.

Q. How do I obtain a Long-term Disability (LTD) claim form?

A. Either you or your employer may contact us or download our LTD Claim Form.

Q. How do I change my beneficiary?

A. You must complete our Beneficiary Designation Form. All changes will be effective on the date we receive your request in our office. Or you may request our Change in Beneficiary form by contacting us.

Eligibility Questions

Q. What is an eligible employee?

A. An employee is eligible when he/she appears on the regular payroll records (except for seasonal and is working on the day his/her coverage would become effective; and has completed the probationary period, if any, shown in your Employer’s Group Application.

Q. How do you add a new employee on a group’s coverage?

A. Have the employee complete and sign an Employee’s Application for Group Insurance Coverage. Send the completed application to EPIC within the employee’s probationary period (if applicable under your group’s EPIC group policy) or within 31 days of that employee’s first day of eligibility. The probationary period applies to all new employees. We recommend that you keep a copy of each application forwarded to EPIC for your group’s insurance records.

Q. What is an eligible dependent?

A. Generally speaking, an eligible dependent is a person who is:

  • A spouse
  • An unmarried natural child, adopted child, child placed for adoption, stepchild, or legal ward under the applicable age requested on your Group Employer Application.

Q. What if an employee with single coverage gets marriedand wants to add his/her new spouse?

A. If an employee has single coverage and wants to change to family coverage to add a new spouse, the employee must sign a new Employee’s Application for Group Insurance Coverage within 31 days of marriage. Coverage will be effective on the marriage date, provided the required additional premium for that family coverage is paid to EPIC within the required time period.

Q. What should you do if an employee loses eligibility for group coverage?

A. Be sure to notify EPIC immediately of any employee’s termination of employment with the group or desire to terminate his or her coverage(s) while still remaining an employee. An employee may be eligible under federal and/or state laws or under the EPIC group policy to purchase to continuation of one or more of their group coverages for a limited period of time, and/or to convert to an individual conversion policy providing similar coverage, provided the former employee sends proper notice of their intent to exercise their right to continue or convert such coverage(s), if any, and pays the required premiums for the continued coverage(s) or conversion policy. You may also want to consult with your group’s legal counsel for advice on your company’s responsibilities and obligations as an employer, if any, in this situation.

Q. How do you check on the status of an employee’s application?

A. EPIC will be happy to answer questions on applications that are sent to us by calling 1-800-520-5750. Please be sure to have the application’s Social Security Number ready when calling us. Remember that it normally takes one to four weeks to process an application.

Q. How can you help ensure a new employee’s applications are processed as quickly as possible?

A. Applications cannot be processed until all information is completed. Be sure to carefully review the application to ensure all required information is complete.

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